Neko Neko Bread "Brown Sugar Kinako Mochi"

The limited flavor "Kurosu Kinako Mochi" will be on sale at the official online store "All Hearts Mall" of the cat-shaped luxury bread specialty store "Nekoneko Bread". The sale period is from January 1st to January 31st, 2021.

The online store limited product "Neko Neko Bread Brown Sugar Kinako Mochi" is now available because we want you to feel "Japanese winter" with Neko Neko Bread. Neko Neko Bread, which you can enjoy the excellent combination of "brown sugar + kinako + rice cake", can be eaten more deliciously by cutting and toasting after natural thawing.

Neko Neko Bread "Brown Sugar Kinako Mochi"

◆ Product details

Product name: Neko Neko bread (brown sugar kinako rice cake & plain)
Price: 3,180 yen (tax included, shipping included)
Shipping method: Frozen mail Contents: Neko Neko bread 1 brown sugar kinako rice cake, Neko Neko bread plain 1 piece, 2 chocolate pens

* It takes about 7 to 14 days from ordering to delivery.

◆ About Neko Neko Bread

In addition to the standard lineup of Neko Neko bread (plain, chocolate, cheese, red bean paste, calico cat, etc.), Neko Neko French toast and limited-time flavors are available. Aiming for zero culling of cats, 1 yen will be donated to the Animal Welfare Center for each sale of "Neko Neko Bread".

Neko Neko Bread Plain

The "cat shape", which expresses the commitment to plenty of milk, is attractive for children and adults to enjoy by adding various arrangements such as drawing a face with a chocolate pen and decorating it. The original arrangement has become a hot topic on SNS such as Instagram.

Neko Neko bread decoration