Neko Neko Bread "Neko Neko Bread Tiramisu"

The January-only flavor "Neko Neko Bread Tiramisu" will be released on January 1, 2021 from the high-end bread specialty store "Neko Neko Bread". The price is 780 yen per piece (excluding tax).

・ About Neko Neko Bread
The "Neko Shape", which expresses the commitment to plenty of milk, is a hot topic on SNS such as Instagram, where you can draw faces with chocolate pens, decorate them, and make original arrangements. In addition to the standard lineup of cat bread (plain, chocolate, cheese, red bean paste, calico cat, etc.), Neko Neko French toast and flavors for a limited time are on sale.

"Neko Neko Bread Tiramisu" is a tiramisu flavor made by adding coffee flavor to the secret flavor of Neko Neko Bread "Mascarpone Cheese". You can enjoy a little adult Neko Neko bread with a fluffy coffee-flavored dough and a bittersweet taste.

* Aiming for zero culling of cats, we donate 1 yen to the Animal Welfare Center for each sale of "Neko Neko Bread".