FamilyMart "5 kinds of cheese meat buns"

From the "Famima's Chinese steamed bun" series, a new product "5 types of cheese meat bun" using 5 types of cheese and juicy diced pork has appeared. It will be on sale from December 22nd at each FamilyMart store. The price is 167 yen (excluding tax).

The "5 Kinds of Cheese Nikuman" that appeared this time is a further evolution of the "Cheese Nikuman" that was popular last year (2019). It is a self-confident work that is particular about "the growth and taste of cheese" and "the juiciness and texture of pork".

Luxuriously use 5 types of cheese (mozzarella, gouda, cheddar, Parmigiano Reggiano, Camembert). The amount of cheese has increased by about 10% from last year's "Cheese Nikuman", and the total weight is about 100g (3.53oz). Camembert cheese has been added so that you can enjoy the rich taste of cheese from the first bite while paying more attention to the growth of cheese.

FamilyMart "5 kinds of cheese meat buns"

For pork, not only minced meat but also diced meat is used. By adding new diced meat, the presence of pork is increased, and it is devised so that you can enjoy the juicy taste and texture.

* Release dates may differ in some regions and stores.