Marugame Seimen Lucky Bag 2021

At each Marugame Seimen store, a great value lucky bag "Marugame Seimen Lucky Bag 2021" will be on sale. The contents of the lucky bag include Marugame Seimen's special soy sauce and tempura, which are indispensable for "Kamatama Udon", and a dashi sauce that goes well with tempura, as well as a meal voucher that can be used with Marugame Seimen nationwide.

Marugame Seimen Lucky Bag 2021

Price: 2,000 yen Contents: Meal ticket for 2,400 yen, dashi soy sauce, dashi sauce * Dashi soy sauce and dashi sauce are actually installed in the store

Stores: "Marugame Seimen" and "Menya Dori" nationwide
* Some stores are not available

Sales start time: The roadside store will be on sale from the first business day after New Year's Day. Shopping center stores follow the facility's opening date * Some stores will be on sale from the end of the year

How to get: Purchase at the store after the sale starts (cash only)
* Basically reservations are not possible. * A notice poster will be posted at the store in mid-December. Details can be confirmed there