Nakau "Toshikoshi soba"

At each Nakau store, three types of "Toshikoshi soba" that you can take home will be on sale for a limited time from December 24th (excluding some stores).

Nakau's Toshikoshi soba is an authentic 28 soba with a smooth throat. It is a dish that you can enjoy with a soba soup stock that has an elegant taste that combines the proud soup stock made with bonito and kelp and the original "special kaeshi". This year, we have a lineup of three types of Toshikoshi soba that you can enjoy with one coin (500 yen including tax) that is kind to your wallet.

"Shrimp Kakiage Soba" is a dish where you can enjoy the combination of tempura and soba royal road. The kakiage contains a lot of shrimp, and the crispy texture is appetizing.

Nakau "Shrimp Kakiage Soba"

In addition, "Beef Soba", in which the taste of beef is blended into soba soup, and "Tororo Soba", which has a gentle and gentle taste, are newly introduced. These two products will be discontinued on January 1, 2021 at 10 am.

Nakau "Beef Soba" "Tororo Soba"

Nakau's To go container has soba and soba soup served separately, which makes it difficult for soba to spread. You can heat it in the microwave as it is, so you can enjoy hot soba even after you get home.

At Nakau, you can make online reservations and make To go reservations from the lunch box dial. If you order in advance, you can receive the product without waiting at the store.