Lawson Donating surplus Christmas cakes to homes and children's cafeterias that need support

Among the Christmas cakes "Waguri Mont Blanc" that are pre-ordered at Lawson at homes, children's cafeterias, orphanages, and welfare facilities for people with disabilities who need food support during the Christmas season from December 23 to 25. , The surplus 76 pieces will be donated.

It is carried out through the National Food Bank Promotion Council and the "Kyoto Food Center" established by Kyoto Prefecture.

Lawson has announced that some of the pre-ordered Christmas cakes will be made before the end of the reservation. Although the production quantity of these cakes has been adjusted based on the previous year's results and daily reservation status, some of them may be surplus.

In this initiative, Christmas cakes that were previously discarded at distribution centers were donated to four food bank groups in Tokyo, Kyoto, Shiga, and Kumamoto prefectures at the time of Christmas, and then to the target households and facilities. It will be delivered.

At the same time, 3,840 Lawson's private brand "Premium Hamburg", which has reached the delivery deadline to the store although the expiration date remains, will be donated to nine food banks nationwide on December 24th and 25th.

Lawson has been donating long-lived items such as sweets and processed foods to households in need of support in collaboration with the National Food Bank Promotion Council and today's food center. This is the first time that reserved items for seasonal events have been donated. It is expected that such efforts will continue in the future.