Cinnabon store limited "lucky bag"

Cinnabon store limited lucky bags are accepting reservations. Applications can be made until the end of December 2020.

There are 6 "minibons", a popular Hasami ware mug, and 2 types of lucky bags where you can enjoy Seattle's Best Coffee. The contents and price are as follows. Notation does not include tax.

A set 2,500 yen, Mini Bon Classic (6 pieces)
・ Cinnabon mug (Hasami ware)
・ Drink free ticket (for 3 cups)

B set 3,000 yen, Mini Bon Classic (6 pieces)
・ Cinnabon mug (Hasami ware)
・ Coffee beans (Saturday's blend)

The stores handling A set are as follows.

・ Roppongi / Futako Tamagawa Rise SC
・ Atre Kichijoji ・ Saitama Cocoon City ・ Youme Town Hiroshima ・ Amu Plaza Hakata ・ Tenjin Underground City ・ Amu Plaza Oita ・ Amu Plaza Miyazaki

B set handling stores are as follows.

・ LaLaport Ebina ・ Lazona Kawasaki

Book by December 31st and get a 100 yen discount. Please note that "JAVAKULA" is not applicable to drink-free tickets included in the A set. Also, when making a reservation, we will respond after confirming whether to grind the beans.