3COINS "Rice Mon" series

Food handling has started at the limited store of the 300 yen shop "3COINS". The "Rice Mon" series will be on sale from December 21st at 60 stores nationwide, 3COINS + plus, colle, and ASOKO + 3COINS.

The first release will be a total of 89 items selected mainly for bottled and canned side dishes that go well with rice. Japan has a versatile seasoning that makes you feel like you are eating gyoza as it is, "Gyoza over rice," "Kunsei nut dressing," which has a addictive aroma and richness, and "Hiroshima Remon Nabe no Moto," which is perfect for this season. "Rice", which is a selection of delicious foods from all over the world, is in stock.

3COINS "Rice Mon" series
Gyoza over rice

3COINS "Rice Mon" series
Left: Smoked nut dressing Right: Smoked onion dressing

3COINS "Rice Mon" series
Left: Under Hiroshima Lemon Hot Pot Right: Setouchi Yuzu Lemon Hot Pot

3COINS "Rice Mon" series
Sardines, sardines, cherry soy sauce

The product lineup (partial) is as follows. The price does not include tax.

・ Bottling
Gyoza (standard) over rice 500 yen Hamburger over rice 700 yen Side dish miso gobo 500 yen Side dish miso miso 500 yen Side dish miso field meat miso 550 yen Takeko tanned 650 yen Hontaka tanned 650 yen Flavor Hontaka Nametake 650 yen Takuri Kagura Nanban & Takobushi Miso 800 yen Takuri Katsushio Shiokara & Garlic 800 yen Eating plum ponzu made by Katsuobushiya 500 yen

・ Canned
Heavenly Hashidate Wakasagi Oil Pickled 600 yen Heavenly Hashidate Kakimo Oil Pickled 650 yen Heavenly Hashidate Oil Sardine Maiwashi 600 yen Heavenly Hashidate Hotarui Kun Oil Pickled 700 yen Hatahata oil pickled 600 yen Yamamesaba boiled in water 350 yen Yamamesaba miso boiled 350 yen Grilled mackerel ahijo 250 yen Grilled mackerel ahijo 250 yen Anchovy roll 350 yen

・ Retort
Curry plain that goes well with soup stock from Goshima sea bream 150 yen Curry cheese that goes well with soup stock from Goshima sea bream 250 yen Goto sea bream soup stock goes well with anything Curry beef 400 yen
THE Women's CURRY Japanese-style curry with ginger burdock and chicken meatball 350 yen
THE Women's CURRY Spice-scented pork belly cartilage and white onion butter pork masala 350 yen