Kentucky "Kenta Lucky Bag"

It's time to start worrying about lucky bags! The fascinating 2021 gourmet lucky bags are also summarized in the En-eating editorial department. Dom Dom hamburger "New Year lucky bag" and Capricciosa "2021 lucky bag".

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· Dom dom
hamburger chain from "dom dom" in limited quantities " New Year Lucky Bag is" will be sold. It will be available at each store from January 1, 2021.

Dom Dom Burger "New Year Lucky Bag"

The selling price is 3,000 yen (tax included). Including 6 pieces of "meal discount ticket" for 500 yen that can be used with Dom Dom hamburger, 1 piece of "logo mug", 1 piece each of "original mask that does not get stuffy", "original towel handkerchief" and "good luck lottery" are packed.

- from Capricciosa
casual Italian restaurant "Capricciosa" each shop, from the 2021 beginning of the year, "Special Value 2021 bags " will be sold.

Capricciosa "2021 lucky bag"

"2021 Lucky Bag" is an original "Capricciosa My Bag" designed by popular illustrator Koji Toyama, "Capricciosa Original Dressing (280ml (9.47us fl oz))", "Original Flavor Tea" Felice "", "Coupon ticket for 2,000 yen that can be used at the store of purchase" Special value with "".

In Kentucky
Kentucky Fried Chicken each store, of 2021 bags " Kenta bags " will be sold in limited quantities. The price is 2,500 yen (tax included).

Kentucky "Kenta Lucky Bag"

"Kenta lucky bag" is in addition to "KFC original 2WAY mini tote bag" and a variety of KFC store common vouchers (3 "original chicken 2 piece vouchers" and 2 "sandset vouchers" totaling 2,870 yen) , A great lucky bag with one "Otoshidama Coupon Pass" that you can use as many times as you like during the period.

The Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe official online shop, " 2020-2021 bags " will be sold. The lineup includes "Made in Japan lucky bags" (2 types) and "Pin badge lucky bags" recommended for starting the pin badge collection.

Hard Rock Cafe "2020-2021 Lucky Bag"

Beard Papa
cream puff shop from "Beard Papa", was filled with discount coupons " Beard Papa 2021 bags will be released is". Limited period and quantity. Two types, 2,500 yen and 3,300 yen (both including tax).

Beard Papa "Beard Papa 2021 Lucky Bag"

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