Lawson store "100 yen New Year dishes"

"100 Yen Osechi" will be released on December 25th at each Lawson Store 100 store. A product that allows you to enjoy all 38 types of osechi, such as Kamaboko, Datemaki, and Kuri-kinton, which are standard osechi, for 100 yen each (excluding tax).

What is 100 Yen New Year dishes?

Lawson Store 100's "100 Yen Osechi" is an edible type that allows you to purchase as much as you like.
We respond to various requests when deciding on osechi, such as "there is a large amount of osechi sets on the market," "I want to make osechi that I like," and "I want to keep costs down." Six new products will be released this year. 38 types, the largest number in history, are lined up in stores.

Arrangement arrangement introduction

Basic New Year dishes for each person

100 yen x 8 types 800 yen excluding tax

Lawson store "100 yen New Year dishes"

Products used:
Kamaboko (red plate), seasoned kazunoko, black beans, tazukuri, boiled, datemaki, kuri-kinton, walnut kanro-ni

New Year party at home

100 yen x 29 types Tax not included 2,900 yen

Lawson store "100 yen New Year dishes"

Products used:
Boiled roe, seasoned scallops, pickled in Sankai, Kamaboko (white plate), Kamaboko (red plate), Kamaboko (red and white), Date roll, Kotobuki, Kotobuki (red), Salmon konbu maki, Kazunoko konbu maki, Bite konbu maki, mashed chestnut kinton, boiled chestnuts, black beans, thick roe, wakasagi, asari, boiled shrimp, boiled walnuts, seasoned kazunoko, roasted aigamo slices, seafood salad, kazunoko matsumae, squid menta, squid golden, mussels Wasabi, scallop wasabi, pickled in namasu

* Handling lineup varies depending on the store * Due to limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out