McDonald's "McDonald's lucky bag 2021"

It's time to start worrying about lucky bags! The fascinating 2021 gourmet lucky bags are also summarized in the En-eating editorial department. "Mister Donut Lucky Bag 2021" and "McDonald's Lucky Bag 2021" in collaboration with Pokemon.

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・ Mister Donut
Mister Donut and Pokemon collaborate on the theme of "Missed and Pokemon." " Mister Donut Lucky Bag 2021 " will be on sale one after another. There are three types: "1,100 yen (all tax included)", "2,200 yen", and "3,300 yen".

Mister Donut "Mister Donut Lucky Bag 2021"

In "Mister Donut Lucky Bag 2021", items designed with popular "Pikachu", "Hibany", "Messon", "Sarnori", etc. will appear, including "Lucky" who joined "Mister Donut Pokemon" for the first time in this year's collaboration. .. There are many items that can be used throughout the year, such as tote bags and calendars.

McDonald's and Coleman "was collaboration McDonald's bags 2021 is" appeared. Make a web lottery reservation on the special campaign page and sell it to the winners at McDonald's stores at a later date.

McDonald's "McDonald's lucky bag 2021"

The lucky bag is full of discerning items. In addition to the McDonald's and Coleman logos, original goods such as "tote bags", "square pouches" and "mag cups" designed with potatoes and lanterns, McDonald's CM called "Tarattattatta ♪" is familiar at the set time. "Potato clock" with melody and "McDonald's product free ticket (equivalent to 3,160 yen including tax)" are included.

In Fuji food
kelp products production and sales to online sales "this if Bute Honpo" of Fuji food, 2021 bags has begun sales of. Two types of great-value assortments containing 12 items such as kelp tea, chirimen tsukudani, arrowroot tea, and dashi kelp.

Fuji Shokuhin 2021 "lucky bag"

A limited number of lucky bag sets filled with popular Fuji Shokuhin products that you can see inside are sold with free shipping nationwide. There are two types, "Fukubukuro A set that is fun to eat" and "Fukubukuro B set that is nice to drink", which is an assortment of 12 popular products.

Raquel is known for
omelet and Rakerupan "Rachel" in each store " 2021 bags is" is currently reserved accepted. A limited quantity set with a "meal discount ticket" worth 3,000 yen and a "1 bag voucher containing 6 raquel breads".

Raquel "2021 lucky bag"

· Toraya Cafe Ansutando
sweets of the long-established "Toraya (Toraya)" to Toraya Cafe Ansutando that is deployed, of 2021 bags " New Year Lucky Bag 2021 has appeared".

Toraya Cafe "New Year Lucky Bag 2021"

The price is 3,996 yen. Popular sweets are packed in a bag with the zodiac sign "Ox" drawn next year.

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