Yayoiken "Japanese-style grated hamburger set meal"
(* All images are from the official Yayoiken website)

Yayoiken's new menu "Japanese-style grated hamburger set meal" has been announced on the official website. Tailored with grated radish and soy sauce-based sauce. Since December 18th, it has been available at stores nationwide as a standard item.

The selling price is 790 yen (tax included, the same applies below), and the calories are 880 kcal. As with other set meals, the white rice that comes with the set is free to refill. In addition, white rice can be changed to "mochi barley rice" for a fee, in which case "normal serving" is an additional 30 yen and "large serving" is an additional 80 yen. Even if you order mochi wheat rice, you are free to refill only white rice.

Yayoiken's hamburger menu includes the demiglace sauce "Demi-glace set meal" (830 yen), which uses bouillon cooked with already-baked beef streaks and flavored vegetables, and Gouda, red cheddar, mozzarella, and palmezan cheese in addition to the demiglace sauce. There is a "4 kinds of cheese hamburger set meal" (890 yen) with mozzarella on it.

Yayoiken "Japanese-style grated hamburger set meal"

This Japanese-style grated hamburger set meal follows these. You can enjoy Japanese-style seasoning that is different from the existing menu.