"Yamaya Dry Mentaiko Umadashi Chazuke" where you can make glue art

"Yamaya Dry Mentaiko Umadashi Chazuke" will be released on December 22nd at Hakata's Ajiyamaya official online shop, directly managed stores, stations and airports nationwide (some may not be available). The estimated price is 880 yen (tax included).

The popular character "King Shogun" from the TV anime "Kingdom", which is popular from a wide range of generations, mainly businessmen, collaborates with "Yamaya Dry Mentaiko Umadashi Chazuke"!

"Yamaya Dry Mentaiko Umadashi Chazuke" is a flavorful ochazuke made from 6 types of domestically produced soup stock. You can enjoy the rich taste of dried mentaiko and the refreshing harmony.

There is a "glue art" that expresses the face of the King Knight with seaweed. If you put it on rice and express the characteristic lips with dry mentaiko, Shogun King will appear in the bowl! It is a character Ochazuke set that has never been seen before.

The package uses illustrations drawn for the "Yamaya Kingdom Series". Contains the words of the King Knight, "Maybe another hot era is coming."