"Airou's crepe shop" new menu

The new crepe menus "Rajan" and "Tetrou" will be released on December 19th from "Airou's Crepe Shop". Two limited menus that can only be eaten here. The lineup is as follows.

・ Crepe "Rajan"
The new crepe "Rajan" is a cute finish of Rajan's angry state. The taste is sweet with fresh cream and chocolate ice cream, and the caramel syrup added at the end gives a slightly bitter accent. The price is 600 yen (tax included, same below).

Crepe "Rajan"

・ Crepe "Tetrou"
The new crepe "Tetrou", which has the image of Tetrou and expresses the mofumofu around the neck with cotton candy. The whipped cream and cotton candy are sweet and refreshing with roasted green tea ice cream. The price is 600 yen.

Crepe "Tetrou"

"Rajan" and "Tetrou" are new menus that can only be eaten at "Airou's Crepe Shop" in Oita Prefecture. Check it out for Monster Hunter fans!