Carlo Rossi ICE Sparkling White / Rose / Muscat

A gorgeous sparkling wine with the image of drinking at a fashionable restaurant. "Carlo Rossi ICE Sparkling", which you can enjoy more easily at home, is on sale from Suntory.

Carlo Rossi

"Carlo Rossi" was launched in the United States in 1974 and is now a wine brand loved all over the world. "Carlo Rossi ICE Sparkling" is based on the fresh "Carlo Rossi" with the addition of fruity aroma and sweetness. Alcohol content is 8%.

Carlo Rossi ICE Sparkling White / Rose / Muscat

Review 3 types of "White", "Rosé" and "Muscat". The purchase price is 250 yen each (excluding tax).


As it is "ICE sparkling", cool it well before drinking. The moment you eat it, you will feel the flavor of lemon. Along with the light carbonic acid bubbles, the fresh sweetness pops. It has a refreshing taste, so you can enjoy it with your meal.

Carlo Rossi ICE Sparkling White


The slightly pinkish rosé looks and tastes gorgeous. It has a tropical scent reminiscent of grapefruit and passion fruit. The gentle stimulation of carbonic acid and the fresh sweetness match. A refreshing finish remains even after swallowing.

Carlo Rossi ICE Sparkling Rose


Of the three types I drank this time, the one that I felt was the most fruity was Muscat. The juicy scent spreads with each sip. Although sweet, the aftertaste is light thanks to the crisp foam. It's a luxury to enjoy with dessert after meals!

Carlo Rossi ICE Sparkling Muscat

Each comes in a 280ml (9.47us fl oz) bottle, which is just the right size for drinking. Why don't you feel free to enjoy the gorgeous sparkling wine not only on "special days"?