Yoku Moku's new sweet "Vie Confetti"

Yoku Moku has released the 4-layer Langdoshire "Vie Confetti". It is a baked confectionery with a crispy new texture.

The selling price is 1,458 yen (tax included), and the content is 12 pieces. "Vie Confetti" means "folded confetti" in French. It features a rich buttery flavor and a rich milky feel. You can enjoy the delicate mouthfeel and satisfaction created by stacking the folded Langdoshire.

While taking advantage of the delicate taste that makes you want to eat another bite, which is a characteristic of Yoku Moku sweets, both texture and plenty of milk are achieved. The flavor of white chocolate is also good.

The confetti in the package design is likened to a confetti in which four layers of cat tongue unravel in the mouth.

Yoku Moku's new sweet "Vie Confetti"

It is handled at the department stores "Takashimaya (high is a different character)" and "Hankyu Department Store". The stores are as follows.

Takashimaya store, Nihonbashi store, Shinjuku store, Tamagawa store, Tachikawa store, Yokohama store, Omiya store, Kashiwa store, Otakanomori S / C
・ Takasaki store ・ Gifu Takashimaya ・ Kyoto store ・ Osaka store ・ Senboku store ・ Sakai store ・ Okayama store ・ Yonago store ・ Iyotetsu Takashimaya

Hankyu Department Store, Tsuzuki Hankyu, Oi Food Museum Store, Takatsuki Hankyu, Umeda Main Store, Senri Hankyu, Kawanishi Hankyu, Kobe Hankyu, Takarazuka Hankyu