"Muscle Fit Morinaga Milk Caramel Flavor" from Morinaga & Co.

From Morinaga & Co.'s protein brand "Muscle Fit" series, the powdered protein "Muscle Fit Morinaga Milk Caramel Flavor" in collaboration with "Morinaga Milk Caramel" will be released on December 8th. The content is 900g (31.75oz) and the price is 4,800 yen (excluding tax). EC pre-sale.

"Muscle Fit Morinaga Milk Caramel Flavor" is a protein inspired by the taste of "Milk Caramel". You can enjoy it as a reward after training with a taste that is particular about sweetness and richness. Contains whey protein that is quickly absorbed and casein protein that is slowly absorbed. Protein is continuously supplied by staggered absorption, improving the efficiency of body building. Contains E-rutin (enzyme-treated rutin) that strengthens the function of protein by ingesting it at the same time as protein. It helps to create a more efficient body.

"Muscle Fit Morinaga Milk Caramel Flavor" that seems to be fun after training. Why don't you try it with your home muscle training?