Kameda Seika "Happy Turn Yamiuma Pepper Cheese Flavor"

From Kameda Seika's "Happy Turn" brand, "Happy Turn Yamiuma Pepper Cheese Flavor", which has a rich cheese flavor and a spicy pepper, will be released at convenience stores nationwide on November 30th. Limited time until early February 2021.

From the Happy Turn brand "Yamiuma" series, "Happy Turn Yamiuma Pepper Cheese Flavor" is newly released. It is finished by sprinkling plenty of special pepper cheese-flavored powder and chasing pepper oil, which is a combination of black pepper and white pepper.

The spicy spiciness of pepper and cheese and the rich umami match the sweetness of the happy turn, making it addictive. The rich cheese flavor is accented with black pepper, and you can enjoy it as a snack with alcohol.

Each bag contains 39g (1.38oz), and the estimated price is around 110 yen (excluding tax). Why don't you enjoy "a happy time when you start eating"!