"Shrimp-flavored miso ramen" at FamilyMart in Hokkaido

"Shrimp-flavored miso ramen" developed with the "Ebisoba boom" as a hint will be released on November 10th at each FamilyMart store in Hokkaido. The price is 482 yen (520 yen including tax).

Shrimp flavored miso ramen

Product name: Shrimp flavored miso ramen Price: 482 yen (520 yen including tax)
Release date: November 10, 2020 Release area: 239 Family Mart stores in Hokkaido Product features: The soup is based on miso that makes use of the flavor of vegetables, which is a feature of Sapporo miso ramen, and is scented by using shrimp soup stock Tailored so that you can often feel the flavor of shrimp.

The noodles are medium-thick curly noodles made from Hokkaido wheat "Kitahonami". It is tailored to be well entwined with the soup.

* The image is an image. * Some stores may not be available. * This product is subject to the reduced tax rate, and the price is 8%.

Comments from product developers

The flavor of shrimp is added to the miso soup that makes the best use of the taste of vegetables, which is one of the characteristics of Sapporo miso ramen, to make it even richer. Minced pork is also secretly hidden under the noodles, so that you can enjoy the soup after the noodles are gone while feeling the ingredients. If you like Sapporo Miso Ramen, this is a ramen that you should definitely try.