The first "World Soup Picture Book" "Chkmeruli Soup"

From Nagatanien, a new series "World Soup Picture Book" where you can enjoy world cuisine with soup has appeared. As the first release, "Chkmeruli Soup" will be released in limited quantities on November 10th, ahead of Lawson, and on December 1st at convenience stores nationwide. The price is 148 yen (tax included).

The "World Soup Picture Book" is a series born from the idea that "there are many delicious dishes in the world, but people tend to avoid cooking that they do not know. If so, why not make it easy to experience?" It is made into a "soup" that is easy to hold with one hand and easy to eat.

The first selection, "Chkmeruli," is a traditional Georgian dish of chicken, garlic, and cheese stewed in white sauce. It is said to be "the best garlic dish in the world" because it uses plenty of garlic.

"Chkmeruli soup" is a soup that reproduces the popular "Chkmeruli" using three types of cheese (cheddar, gouda, and blue) and fragrant garlic powder. It is finished with a rich taste with a strong cheese feeling. It contains chicken soboro and is recommended when you are hungry. Even women can easily enjoy it with a small cup that is easy to hold with one hand and a lid with a spout.