Kura Sushi Menu Summary

"Kura Sushi" participating in the "Go To Eat Campaign". Not only sushi but also side menus are available. Here are 5 recommended menu items from the En-eating editorial department that you'll want to try when you go to the store.

・ Hamachi
"Hamachi" in the Nigiri menu. The price is 100 yen per plate (excluding tax, the same applies below). Calories are 118kcal.

Kura Sushi "Hamachi"

The body with moderate fat is thick. Although there are individual differences, there are few bloody parts and the finish is easy to eat. The menu is easy for both adults and children to eat.

・ Aburi cheese salmon
"Aburi cheese salmon" on the nigiri menu, topped with roasted salmon. The price is 100 yen per plate. The calorie is 120 kcal.

Kura Sushi "Aburi Cheese Salmon"
Aburi cheese salmon

Loose cheese is entwined with salmon! The saltiness of the melted cheese goes well with salmon. Perfect when you want to eat rich sushi. It has a slightly junk taste and is recommended for young people and children!

・ Broccoli salad
"Broccoli salad" with boiled broccoli, shrimp mayo with plenty of shrimp, and Kura Sushi's special "Ishizawa dressing". The price is 100 yen per plate, and the calories are 100 kcal.

Kura Sushi "Broccoli Salad"
Broccoli salad

The shrimp mayo served in the middle is insanely delicious! Roughly chopped shrimp flesh is stuffed in, and the richness of the mayo and the saltiness of the dressing mess up with the broccoli! There are many fans in the editorial department, and when I go to the store, I order 2 dishes. It may be easier for children who are not good at vegetables to eat this.

Kura Sushi "Broccoli Salad"

・ Shrimp avocado (using fresh avocado)
"Shrimp avocado" is a nigiri menu with plenty of onions, avocado and mayo. One plate is 100 yen. Calories 99kcal.

Kura Sushi "Shrimp Avocado (using Fresh Avocado)"
Shrimp avocado (using fresh avocado)

The onions are crispy and fresh! You can enjoy the rich and smooth taste of mayo and avocado. You can eat it like a salad, so it's also recommended when you want to refresh your mouth a little!

Kura Sushi "Shrimp Avocado (using Fresh Avocado)"

・ Special chawanmushi
"Special chawanmushi" on the side menu. The price is 180 yen. The calorie is 67 kcal.

Kura Sushi "Special Chawanmushi"
Special chawanmushi

When ordering, you can choose with or without trefoil. It's smooth and smooth, and the taste of the soup stock is great! I'm glad that you can enjoy this deliciousness for about 200 yen ♪

Kura Sushi "Special Chawanmushi"

5 menus you should try when you go to Kura Sushi. Please try the dish you care about!