Participation in Freshness Burger "Go To Eat"

The hamburger chain "Freshness Burger" is participating in the "Go To Eat Campaign". Earn 1,000 points per person with online food and beverage bookings.

As of November 2020, it is a condition that you come to the store and eat and drink after making a reservation from the food and drink reservation site "HOT PEPPER Gourmet".

Looking at the courses prepared for each store at Hot Pepper Gourmet, for example, the "Classic Cheeseburger Potato Drink Set" has a selling price of 1,050 yen (tax included, the same applies below). This is a combination of "Classic Cheeseburger", "French Fries" and a drink.

The "Freshness Burger Set" is priced at 1,030 yen. "Freshness Burger" comes with "French fries" R size and "Fresh lemonade" T size. You can choose ice cream or hot lemonade.

Some stores do not accept reservations depending on the store type. In order to support the new coronavirus, some stores are closed, business hours are changed, and some menus are suspended. You will be instructed to contact the store directly for more information. Menu contents are subject to change or termination without notice.