Denny's Godiva Collaboration

Three types of chocolate desserts in collaboration with the luxury chocolate brand "Godiva" will be sold at Denny's nationwide. Limited time offer from November 10th to early January.

Denny's and Godiva collaborate for the first time in history. Desserts supervised by Godiva Executive Chef Chocolatier / Patissier Yannick Chevroaux will be on sale.

The lineup is as follows. Price does not include tax.

Chocolate sundae

Denny's Godiva Collaboration

Price: 1,099 yen

Beautifully layered on the glass are various chocolates such as smooth milk chocolate cream supervised by Godiva, chocolate sorbet, ice cream, and cacao jelly. Caramelized bananas and refreshing raspberries are adorned with flavor and color accents. A special Sunday where you can enjoy a different chocolate experience for each person.

Chocolate mini parfait

Denny's Godiva Collaboration

Price: 599 yen

Special sweets supervised by Godiva are also available in a mini size that is perfect after a meal. In addition to the various flavors of chocolate, you can also enjoy different textures such as chocolate cream, ice cream, and sorbet's smooth mouthfeel, as well as plump jelly and crispy cocoa corn.

Chocolate pancakes

Denny's Godiva Collaboration

Price: 699 yen

A dish that combines fluffy pancakes made by kneading chocolate into dough and baking, chocolate sauce, ice cream, and smooth whipped cream. A luxurious tailoring where you can enjoy the warmth and coldness of the freshly made product at the same time.