FamilyMart Limited, Supervised by Ken's Cafe Tokyo "Petit Choco Pie Sticking to Kuchidoke"

At each FamilyMart store, "Petit Choco Pie" supervised by Ken's Cafe Tokyo will be on sale. Available from November 6th.

Ken's Cafe Tokyo (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), a store specializing in gateau chocolate, supervises Lotte's long-selling product "Petit Choco Pie". Looking for a combination that maximizes the taste of chocolate and pie, we repeated trial production many times, and it is finished in a taste that is not too bitter while suppressing sweetness like the gateau chocolate of Ken's Cafe Tokyo. You can feel the rich chocolate cake in one bite.

・ Comment from Kenji Ujiie, owner chef of Kens Cafe Tokyo
It feels like a dream that the day will come when we can develop collaboration products with Lotte's sweets that we have been eating since we were children.
In the development, we made trial and error to make the best use of the taste of chocolate and pie without being too bitter while suppressing the sweetness like "Kens Cafe Tokyo Gateau Chocolat". After many trials and tastings, the "Petit Choco Pie Kens Cafe Tokyo Supervision [Gateau Chocolat]" was finally completed. It would be great if you could feel the moist dough like a cake and the firm taste of chocolate, which is unique to "Lotte Choco Pie".