"Darth Premium [Pistachio]" "Darth Premium [White Pistachio]"

Check out 5 gourmet articles that are attracting attention for eating! "Darth Premium [Pistachio]" and FamilyMart "Anno Imo no Wa Parfait".

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From the two "pistachio" taste
grain chocolate "dozen" brand to a dozen, "on November 24 dozen premium [pistachio ]" "dozen premium [white pistachio]" will be released. Both are sold for a limited time and will end as soon as they are sold out.

"Darth Premium [Pistachio]" "Darth Premium [White Pistachio]"

・ FamilyMart "Japanese parfait of Anno potato" "Puff cream of Anno potato"
FamilyMart's " Anno potato Japanese parfait " and "Anno potato cream puff". I tried to compare the sweetness of autumn with plenty of volume.

FamilyMart's "Anno potato Japanese parfait" "Anno potato cream puff"

As the name suggests, "Anno Imo no Wa Parfait" is a parfait with Anno Imo as the main character, and "Anno Imo Cream Puff" is a cream puff that uses Tanegashima Anno Imo paste.

- in Kentucky at Kentucky Fried Chicken store of "Snoopy bowl" per set
across the country, " Snoopy bowl sell" per menu from November 18 in limited quantities. We will start accepting reservations at stores from November 4th.

Kentucky set with "Snoopy bowl"

・ Famichiki "Exquisite Nori Shio"
I tried FamilyMart's hot snack " Famichiki". A dish with a combination of rocky shore and juicy chicken.

Famichiki "Exquisite Nori Shio"

・ FamilyMart "Pudding !? Cheesecake" "Chocolat Cheesecake"
I tried and compared the new FamilyMart sweets " Pudding !? Na Cheesecake " and "Chocolat Cheesecake". Each looks surprising, but the contents are surprisingly orthodox.

FamilyMart's new sweets "Pudding !? Cheesecake" "Chocolat Cheesecake"

Eat and compare "Chocolat cheesecake that is thick cheese at first but gradually smoother" and "Purin that surprises you with its fluffy texture even though you thought it was plump pudding!" Which one do you care about?