Gust "Margherita Pizza"

At each Gust store, a To go campaign will be held from November 5th to 25th (excluding some stores) where the popular homemade dough "Margherita Pizza" will be 399 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

The campaign that was very popular when it was held last time. During the period, the target menu "Margherita Pizza" will be a special price of 399 yen (regular price of 599 yen) for To go only. Sales hours are excluding the morning hours (until 10:30).

Gust's Margherita pizza is a special pizza dough that is baked crispy on the inside and soft on the inside, topped with homemade pizza sauce and rich mixed cheese. You can enjoy a well-balanced taste of cheese that melts the moment you lift the dough, the refreshing acidity of tomatoes, and the accent of basil sauce.

Gust "Margherita Pizza"
Margherita pizza

On the other hand, at Eat-in, 5 kinds of new sweets using seasonal fruit "strawberry" have appeared. It will be on sale from November 5th to around February 2021 (excluding morning hours).

"Strawberry Trifle" (399 yen) with strawberry, banana, mascarpone cream, etc. layered on cut pancakes, "Prince a la" with 11 kinds of ingredients such as strawberry, cut pancakes, brownie on pudding Mode parfait "(599 yen), crispy outside, moist and fluffy inside" strawberry and mascarpone pancake "(599 yen), rich and soft chocolate cake" with strawberry chocolate "(449 yen) ), "Soy milk rare cheese cake strawberry sauce" (399 yen) finished using homemade soy milk is a lineup.

New dessert using Gusto "strawberry"
Strawberry trifle on the left, pudding a la mode parfait on the right

Gusto "Strawberry and Mascarpone Pancakes"
Strawberry and mascarpone pancakes

"Moirou Chocolat" and "Soymilk Rare Cheesecake", which do not have toppings such as strawberries, whipped cream, and sauce, are eligible for To go and home delivery.

Gust "Moirou Chocolat with Strawberries"
Moirou Chocolat with Strawberries (Photo is Eat-in)

Gust "Soy milk rare cheesecake strawberry sauce"
Soy milk rare cheesecake Strawberry sauce (pictured is eat-in)