"Fondy Chocolate" from Akagi Nyugyo

Akagi Nyugyo sells the renewed "Fondy Chocolate". The estimated price is 200 yen (excluding tax).

"Fondy Chocolate" is an ice cream made by wrapping chocolate ice cream with raw chocolate inside with chocolate coaching. We use "raw chocolate" with domestically produced fresh cream that has been newly developed so that it melts when you start eating.

The ice cream contains cocoa mass using two types of cocoa beans, one from Ghana and the other from Ecuador. Also, compared to last year's product, the amount of cacao has been increased so that you can enjoy the flavor of cacao more. Only cocoa mass is used as the chocolate ingredient for chocolate coaching. Therefore, you can enjoy the original flavor of cacao. In addition, by devising the manufacturing process, the coaching has a softer mouthfeel than before.

Akagi Nyugyo's chocolate popsicle "Fondy Chocolate". It's perfect for the coming season when you want to eat rich ice cream! Please pick it up when you see it ♪