Excelsior Cafe "Christmas Apple Pie"

Reservations for "Christmas Apple Pie" will begin on November 12th at Excelsior Cafe stores nationwide (some stores may not be available). The new pasta "Luxury Pasta Crab Tomato Cream" and "Asari and Tomato Ario Orio" will also be on sale on the same day.

Christmas apple pie

A simple apple pie with apple puff pastry and sponge crumb wrapped in puff pastry. You can feel the crispy texture and sweet and sourness of the apples that have been cut into large pieces. It is also recommended to cool or warm it, or add ice cream. The size is No. 5 (about 15 cm in diameter). The price is 2,800 yen (tax included).

The reservation period is from November 12th to December 15th, and the pick-up period is from December 20th to December 25th. If the reservation reaches the planned quantity, the reception may be closed even during the period.

New pasta

"Luxury pasta crab tomato cream" is a pasta with plenty of crab flavor, topped with crab loosened meat and crab claws. Linguine pasta, which goes well with cream sauce, is combined with a rich sauce that combines crab miso extract, tomato paste, and fresh cream. The price is 977 yen in the store and 960 yen for To go.

Excelsior Cafe "Luxury Pasta Crab Tomato Cream" and "Asari and Tomato Ario Orio"

"Ario Orio of clams and tomatoes" is an oil sauce pasta with plenty of clams. Using spaghetti that goes well with oil sauce, topped with cherry tomatoes and baby leaf. You can enjoy the change in taste by squeezing the lemon on the way as it is at the beginning. The price is 774 yen in the store and 760 yen for To go.

* Some stores and prices may differ.