"Go To set" for Sugakiya

At each store of the ramen chain "Sugakiya", which operates mainly in the Tokai region, a set menu that makes it easy to use "Go To Eat Premium Meal Ticket" and "Go To Travel Coupon" will be on sale. Its name is "Go To Set".

There are two types of sets, A and B, both of which are discounted than usual. The contents and selling price are as follows. All notations include tax.

"Go To Set A" comes with 2 cups of "meat-filled ramen" and 2 pieces of "salad", and the regular price is 1,240 yen, but 1,000 yen.

"Go To Set B" comes with 1 cup of "Ramen", 1 set of "Gome / Soft Set" and 1 set of "Children's Set", and the regular price is 1,100 yen, but 1,000 yen. "Original", "chocolate" and "berry" are available for the soft serve ice cream of Gome Soft Set.

Both menus are set so that they can be easily used with Go To Eat premium meal vouchers and Go To Travel coupons, but you can also purchase with cash only. Even in that case, the price does not change. However, please note that other coupons and ramen tickets cannot be used.