Shake Shack "Cranberry Chicken"

At the hamburger restaurant "Shake Shack" from New York, "Cranberry Chicken", which is the image of chicken and cranberry sauce, which is a standard menu of the American Christmas season, will be on sale from November 4th to December 25th. (The last day is subject to change). The price is 840 yen (excluding tax).

"Cranberry Chicken" is the first Christmas season limited burger since Shake Shack landed in Japan. Considering that the demand for home parties will increase this Christmas, it was planned as a menu that allows you to enjoy the Christmas mood of New York so that you can enjoy the home party with pre-ordered To go and delivery.

Topped with fried chicken in spicy batter with black pepper, homemade cranberry sauce with fruity flavors of mellow cranberries and bacon, cheese, kale, and pickles of red onions that accentuate the taste and texture. We are particular about cooking at the store, and after the order is placed, we put on the batter and carefully fry the main kitin one by one. You can enjoy the crispy texture.

Shake Shack "Cranberry Chicken"

Excellent compatibility with original red wine and craft beer that can only be drunk at Shake Shack stores. It is also recommended to enjoy it in combination with sake.

There are 11 Shake Shack stores in Japan (excluding the Tokyo Dome store).