Limited quantity "Ebisen Chocolat" from Calbee Plus

"Ebisen Chocolat" will be on sale in limited quantities on November 3rd at the antenna shop "Calbee Plus". The sale period is scheduled until the end of April 2021. The price is 860 yen for "Ebisen Chocolat" (tax included, same below), and 1,375 yen for "Ebisen Chocolat with Original Tote Bag".

"Ebisen Chocolat" is a popular product that has been on sale every fall and winter only for "Calbee Plus" since 2013. This year, as the demand for private use in Corona Shrimp is increasing and the demand for gifts for people close to us is increasing, a set product with a red "original tote bag" with the official character "Kappa Ebisen" of "Kappa Ebisen". Will also be sold.

The dough of "Kappa Ebisen" is evenly coated with melted chocolate by the revolving method (a method of rotating and coating while sprinkling chocolate etc. in a circular pot), so the texture of "Kappa Ebisen" is crispy. "Ebisen Chocolat" is the same, and you can enjoy the salty and sweet taste. "Kappa Ebisen" is made from simple ingredients such as natural shrimp, flour, vegetable oil, and salt. Fresh natural shrimp such as red shrimp, sal shrimp, yellow shrimp, and pink shrimp are quickly frozen immediately after being caught and kneaded into the dough from head to tail. The umami component contained in the shrimp gives it a savory flavor, making it "unstoppable, unstoppable".

The "original tote bag" has a simple design with red, which is the image color of "Kappa Ebisen", and the official character "Kappa Ebisen" of "Kappa Ebisen", to put small items such as mobile phones and wallets. It is the perfect size.