KALDI "Curry bread when baked"
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At each KALDI Coffee Farm store, we have picked up and summarized the new arrival items that you are interested in! Here are 5 items in the lineup of interest.

・ Curry bread 306 yen (tax included, same below)

KALDI "Curry bread when baked"

A paste finished with dried mashed potatoes, dried onions and curry seasoning. As the name suggests, you can make "curry bread" just by applying it to bread and baking it.

・ Light tuna flakes boiled in tuna (no oil used) 3 cans pack 321 yen

KALDI "Light Tuna Flakes Boiled Tuna (No Oil) 3 Cans Pack"

A tuna can made from boiled yellowfin tuna flakes with a refreshing flavor. It is a 3-can pack.

・ Mitarashi marshmallow 149 yen

KALDI "Mitarashi Marshmallow"

A sweet with a thick mitarashi sauce wrapped in fluffy marshmallows.

・ Huy Shen Marler Cracker 298 yen

KALDI "Fuy Shen Marler Crackers"

A spicy and addictive cracker seasoned with peppers, florals, pepper, garlic and onions.

・ Arnotts Tim Tam Gisborne Orange 368 yen (sale price)

KALDI "Arnotts Tim Tam Gisborne Orange"

KALDI coffee farm limited product. Tim Tam is characterized by the refreshing taste of orange grown in New Zealand's "Gisborne" and the harmony of dark chocolate (using 4% Gisborne orange). It will be on sale at a sale price of 368 yen until 9:59 on December 1st.