"Ispahan 2020" for Pierre Hermé
Ispahan 2020 (All images are from Pierre Hermé Paris official website)

Pierre Hermé Paris's Western confectionery and sake set "Ispahan 2020" will be released. Reservations will begin on November 2nd, and will be handed over at the Pierre Hermé Paris Aoyama store in Tokyo from November 20th to 30th for pre-sale.

The selling price is 13,800 yen (tax included). Limited edition of 100 sets will be available at Pierre Herme Paris.

This is a collaboration with "NEXT FIVE", which consists of 5 breweries in Akita prefecture. Pierre Herme Paris's Western confectionery "Kake Ispahan" and "Kijoshu" brewed by NEXT FIVE are combined.

Kijo Sake is a sweet sake brewed by a method similar to ancient sake brewing, and this time Aramasa's "flax cat" was adopted. The acidity stands out in the floral scent.

Cake Ispahan uses rice flour derived from the milling of sake rice used in Kijoshu, and is baked in a custom-made mold that resembles a rose. Pierre Hermé is a combination of Rose, Lychee and Franboise. It is finished with "Ispahan", one of the representative flavors of Paris.

Sweet and sour framboise and gorgeous lychee are hidden in a moist pound dough with a scent of roses. It is housed in a limited box with the image of a heavy box together with liner notes, and is wrapped in a furoshiki limited to Pierre Herme Paris.

"Ispahan 2020" for Pierre Hermé
Desale "Degustation Isfahan 2020"

In addition, at the restaurant "Heaven" in Pierre Hermé Paris Aoyama, it will be served as "Degustation Isfahan 2020" with brewed sake and cake Isfahan, macaroons of sake lees squeezed from brewed sake, and ice cream. The selling price is 2,400 yen.

A fragrant and moist cake, macaroons with a crispy texture and a soft scent of sake lees, ice cream with the unique texture of sake lees, and sour sake. The feature is that when you carry each of them to your mouth alternately, the sake changes its expression each time.

The sales period, location, price, etc. are subject to change.