7-ELEVEN area limited "Sano ramen supervised by Hinataya"

"Sano ramen supervised by Hinataya" will be on sale from November 3rd at some 7-ELEVEN stores in Sano, Ashikaga, and Tochigi. After that, it will be released sequentially from November 17th onwards in Tochigi prefecture, Gunma prefecture, part of Saitama prefecture, and Ibaraki prefecture (excluding some stores).

"Sano Ramen Supervised by Hinataya" has been supervised for the first time by the owner of the ramen shop "Hinataya", which has been pursuing and offering high-quality "Sano Ramen" since its opening in 2008, and the shop's signature menu has been commercialized. What was done. The unique texture of noodles with different thicknesses, which is a characteristic of Sano ramen, is reproduced by using noodles of three different thicknesses.

The soup is made from various ingredients such as pork, chicken, dried bonito and vegetables, and has a well-balanced combination of soup stock and umami. The ingredients are topped with softly boiled large-sized char siu, menma, and green onions.

The price is 498 yen (excluding tax). It is a cup type that warms the whole container in the microwave and eats it.