FamilyMart's "Yakiimo"

Limited to about 1,030 FamilyMart stores nationwide, "Yakiimo", which is stone-grilled in the "Yakiimo Oven" inside the store, will be released on November 2nd. The price is 195 yen (excluding tax).

For "Yakiimo," we use domestically produced "Kouharu" and "Silk Sweet," which are characterized by their moist texture and sweetness. Depending on the sales area and time, either or both of "Red Haruka" and "Silk Suite" will be used.

As time passes immediately after harvesting sweet potatoes, the "starch" inside changes to "sugar" (saccharification), and the sweetness increases. For this reason, "Yakiimo" sold at FamilyMart uses sweet potatoes that have been stored for a certain period of time after harvesting.

It is also a point that the baking using "natural stone" is carefully baked in a special oven. It brings out the sweetness and is finished in a moist texture. * There are individual differences in the sweetness and texture of sweet potatoes.

Last year (2019), it was experimentally sold at some stores, but due to its popularity, it will be sold at about 1,030 stores in 2020, which is about 2.5 times higher. Available in limited quantities.