Lotteria Only now Mira 9 (Ku) Le deals potatoes!

At each Lotteria store, 4 products of "Mira 9 (Kuru) deals potatoes!" Will be on sale for a limited time from November 2nd to November 15th (excluding some stores).

At Lotteria, at the end of the year and consecutive holidays, we carry out a coupon project "Mira 9 (Kur) Coupon" that allows you to purchase the target product at a great price of 90 yen, and it has been well received. This time, from the desire to have more people try it, 4 products of "Only now Mira 9 (Kuru) profitable potatoes!" That can be enjoyed at a good price without coupons will be released for 14 days only.

"Only now Mira 9 (Kur) deals potatoes!" Are "French fries S" (regular price 170 yen) and "hash potatoes" (normal price 170 yen) that you can enjoy in various scenes with burgers and drinks as well as single items. (Price: 150 yen) is offered at a great value of 90 yen. In addition, "French fries M" (regular price 260 yen) and "French fries L" (regular price 320 yen) are also offered at a great value of 190 yen. * All prices do not include tax

Lotteria stores nationwide (excluding Saitama Super Arena store, Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis FS store, ZOZO Marine Stadium store, Ueno Park Lueno FS store, Odaiba Venus Fort store, Ginza Crystal Building store, Kobe Harborland store).