Taiwan Castella specialty store "KUMO" in Harajuku

The Taiwanese castella specialty store "kumo" will open in Harajuku on November 2nd. The place is THE SHARE 1F where raw carbonara specialty stores and mochams gather. "Clouds" can be used in the store from 15:00 every day. The price is 880 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

“Freshly baked! Taiwan castella”, which pursues a half-raw texture while maintaining the Taiwanese style, takes about 30 minutes because it is carefully baked after ordering. I was surprised to see that much! I'm even more surprised when I eat it! You can enjoy the "fluffy" half-raw texture. As the name implies, you can experience a fun time like being in the clouds.

Taiwan Castella specialty store "KUMO" in Harajuku

A drink menu will also be on sale. A part of the lineup is as follows.

Taiwan Honey Lemon Tea 650 yen Taiwan Berry Berry Tea 650 yen Taiwan Mixed Fruit Tea 650 yen Dongfang meiren 550 yen Dongfang mei milk tea 550 yen

"Freshly baked! Taiwan castella" from the Taiwanese castella specialty store "kumo" where you can enjoy the fluffy and airy taste. If you like fluffy sweets, check it out!
Taiwan Castella specialty store "KUMO" opens in Harajuku
Address:3-25-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo