"Blancture Mini Chocolate Quattro Cheese" for a limited time

Bourbon will release the savory sweets "Blanture Mini Chocolate Quattro Cheese" from Langdosha Cookies on November 3rd. Limited time until February 2021. The estimated price is 130 yen (excluding tax).

The "Blancture Mini Chocolate" series is a bite-sized chocolate cookie with a refreshing texture of langue de chat cookies sandwiched between chocolate bars.

"Blancture Mini Chocolate Quattro Cheese" is a combination of a plate chocolate kneaded with Camembert cheese and cheddar cheese, and a Langdosha cookie using Gouda cheese and Palmesan cheese. The langue de chat cookie is studded with cheese grains to accentuate the texture, and the four types of cheese match for a deep taste. It is a chocolate cookie that you can enjoy as a savory sweet as it is, or with sake.

The package is finished in a design that appeals to four types of cheese.