Ishidaya "Nikko Jingoro Senmochi"

Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, has various sightseeing spots including Nikko Toshogu Shrine. Yuba is famous for food, but did you know that there is a famous rice cracker?

Ishidaya "Nikko Jingoro Senmochi"

That is "Nikko Jingoro Senmochi" sold by the well-established Ishidaya. It is named after the master Hidari Jingoro, who left the "Nemuri Neko" sculpture in the main shrine of Nikko Toshogu. A cat is also designed on the package. The price of 18 pieces is 594 yen (tax included).

Ishidaya "Nikko Jingoro Senmochi"

Thick-grilled rice crackers are so crispy that you can hear a light sound when you raise your teeth. Seasoned with mixed butter oil and salt, the mellow richness spreads softly. Moderate saltiness and fragrance are combined and insanely delicious! Children and adults should love the simple and lingering taste.

Ishidaya "Nikko Jingoro Senmochi"

Small rice crackers

Ishidaya also has a lineup of bite-sized rice crackers. I tried two kinds from abundant flavors. The price is 400 yen each (tax included).

Ishidaya "Tomato Basil" "Wasanbon Kinako"
The package is cute

・ Tomato basil [br /] Italian rice cracker with tomato flavor. The umami and sourness of tomatoes spreads at once the moment you eat it. The scent of basil that goes through your nose is fashionable. The rich flavor is perfect as a snack for sake.

Ishidaya "Tomato Basil"

・ Wasanbon Kinako [br /] Rice crackers made with Wasanbon sugar and kinako. An exquisite balance of elegant sweetness and fragrance. With its light texture and cute size, it will be carried to your mouth one after another. The one who has finished eating before I knew it ...

Ishidaya "Wasanbon Kinako"

Every rice cracker has a delicious taste that makes it perfect for yourself or as a souvenir. You can purchase it at the Ishidaya store as well as at the official online store.