"Disney Design Sparkling Juice" 3 items from TOPVALU

"TOPVALU Disney Design Sparkling Juice (French)" totaled in the image of Disney movies "Rapunzel on the Tower", "Snow White", and "Beauty and the Beast" at "AEON", "AEON Style", and AEON Food Supermarket. Three products will be released on November 3rd. Limited quantity.

We use grapes and apples, which are also used for wine and cider. A sparkling juice imported directly from France that can be enjoyed by adults, with a deep fruity taste and rich aroma. Since it is 100% fruit juice that does not use sugar or spices (99% for "Red Apple"), it has a refreshing sweetness that children can enjoy with peace of mind.

・ Red Grape
100% fruit juice with a deep and mellow scent using carefully selected red grapes such as "Grenache" and "Merlot" for red wine. Imagine the purple dress of "Rapunzel", the main character of the movie "Tangled".

・ Red apple
A 99% fruit juice that uses French apples, which are also used for cider, and has the original sweetness and fruity acidity of the fruit. Imagine an apple that appears in the movie "Snow White".

・ White Grape
100% fruit juice that uses carefully selected grapes that are also used in wine and is characterized by a rich aroma and sweetness that goes through the nose. Imagine the yellow dress of the main character "Belle" in the movie "Beauty and the Beast".

The price is 458 yen each (excluding tax). It may not be available at some stores.