Toppo [strong milk]

From Lotte's chocolate confectionery "Toppo" series, the special "Toppo [strong taste milk]" kneaded with cream cheese from Hokkaido will be released nationwide on November 3rd. The estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

"Toppo [Dark Flavored Milk]" is a fragrant crispy pretzel with a generous amount of carefully selected milk-flavored chocolate trapped to the end. The chocolate is made with cream cheese from Hokkaido. You can eat it at any time because you can't get the chocolate.

The back of the package is a message card. There are 3 types of seasonal designs such as snowmen. You can convey a little feeling in your daily life.

Toppo [strong milk]

At the same time, standard products will also appear with a message card on the back side. There are 3 types of designs, "Toppo", "Toppo [Bitter]", and "Strawberry Toppo". It is designed to convey the feelings of "Thank you" and "Congratulations" and to send a message for Christmas and New Year.

Toppo package back design
Strawberry Toppo package back design