KKD "Krispy Kreme Premium Holiday Bear"
Krispy Kreme Premium Holiday Bear

"Krispy Kreme Premium Holiday Bear" and "Krispy Kreme Premium Raisin Cheese Cream" will be available at Krispy Kreme Donuts (KKD) for a limited time and only at stores. Handling from November 2nd to December 25th.

The selling price is 300 yen (excluding tax). A new cake-like donut "Crispy Cream Premium" series that is only available at the JR Nagoya Takashimaya store in Aichi / Nagoya. Whipped cream is used luxuriously, and each one is carefully decorated at the store, and it is a feature that you can always receive freshly made.

"Krispy Kreme Premium Holiday Bear" is a holiday-only menu where a chocolate whipped bear jumps out of a donut in a Santa hat. Pistachios are placed on chocolate donuts wrapped in strawberry chocolate. In addition, Fukuoka Prefecture Amaou strawberry jam is squeezed in the middle of the donut, decorated with chocolate whipped bears, and the eyes and nose are finished with bitter chocolate and white chocolate. A dish suitable for children.

KKD "Crispy Cream Premium Raisin Cheese Cream"
Krispy Kreme Premium Raisin Cheese Cream

"Crispy Cream Premium Raisin Cheese Cream" is a fluffy dough covered with milky white chocolate. Two types of whipped cream and cheese cream that melt in the mouth are layered on top of it, and the slightly fragrant rum-flavored raisins and cream go well together. It is a dish for adults. However, rum is not included.