"Kinmugi [deep roasted richness]" Limited quantity

Suntory Beer will release "Kinmugi [Deep Roasted Rich]" in limited quantities on November 24th. Two types, 350 ml and 500 ml. Alcohol content is 6%. The price is open.

"Kinmugi" is popular as a "high-quality new genre" that suits the daily dining table in addition to the contents that are particular about the umami of wheat. "Kinmugi [deep roasted richness]" to be released this time is a limited quantity product that realizes "rich aroma and deep richness" in response to the voice "I want to enjoy richness and deep taste in winter". is.

The contents are "luxury malt" (a blend of "umami malt" and some of the special domestic malt), which is a special material of "golden malt", and "richness" by using some roasted malt. It has a mellow taste that you can enjoy relaxedly by combining "a fragrant and deep richness" with "easy to drink that goes well with meals" that is typical of the "Kinmugi" brand. The package has a wood grain motif and gold to express a calm and high-quality feel.

"Kinmugi [deep roasted richness]" that seems to be good when you want a little luxury. How about an evening drink?