Morinaga "Miroha" and "Koupen-chan" collaboration package

From Morinaga Milk Industry's nutritional balance ole "Miloha", a collaboration package with "Koupen-chan", who is very popular on Twitter, will appear. It will be switched sequentially from November 1st.

The selling price is 160 yen (excluding tax). The content is 330 ml. Two flavors are available: "plain lactic acid bacteria" with sweet and sour taste containing lactic acid bacteria, and "strawberry mix" with fruity "strawberry mix" that mainly uses strawberry, cassis and apple juice.

The Miroha series is a drink designed to help people who want sweet snacks to take in nutrients that tend to be deficient in a day in addition to sweetness. The emperor penguin depicted in this collaboration package is a baby emperor penguin who praises the trivial things of everyday life, saying "Great!". My favorite things are relaxing, seeing flowers, and eating delicious food. A character who is an inspiring shop and is impressed by the little things, and the gender is a mystery.

In addition, a campaign to commemorate the release of the collaboration package will be held until December 28th. If you put the dedicated application on your smartphone and point the camera at the package, the image of Koupen will appear. You can look at it from various angles and play with multiple Koupen-chan side by side.

There are 6 types of package designs, each with a different image of Koupen-chan, which can be registered as a collection in the app. There are also 4 types of secret "Koupen-chan" that appear when certain conditions are met, and you can enjoy collecting all 10 types.