Participation in CoCo Ichibanya "Go To Eat"

Ichibanya, which develops "Curry House CoCo Ichibanya", will participate in the "Go To Eat Campaign". "Premium meal voucher" will be available.

The target chains are the following four types.

・ Curry House CoCo Ichibanya ・ Ankake Spaghetti Specialty Store Pasta de Coco ・ Teppan Hamburg Steak Nikkuitei ・ Curry Ramen Menya Kokoichi

Since the Go To Eat campaign is applied for by each local government and can be used sequentially from the registered stores, the start time differs depending on the store, but preparations are underway so that meal tickets can be used nationwide. However, some are expected to be excluded.

In addition, preparations are underway to use regional coupons from the "Go To Travel" business. You can search for the status of support for premium meal tickets and regional coupons from "Other services" on the store search page of the Ichibanya official website.

The points to note common to each chain are as follows.

・ Points are not awarded by using online food and drink reservations ・ The period of use of premium meal tickets and regional coupons varies depending on the municipality ・ Change is not given with premium meal tickets and regional coupons