Loft Halloween items

At the loft store and the loft net store, items that make Halloween at home are available. Introducing the lineup of interest (items handled vary depending on the store).

Party foods

・ POPCORN SHED Mini Pop Sea Salt / Salt Vinegar / Sweet & Salty / Toffee / White Truffle
A popcorn brand born in the United Kingdom. Using butter made by the traditional method, it is finished with a light texture without using oil. The package is also cute. The price is 368 yen (tax included, same below).


・ HOM Banana Chips Sour cream & onion flavor / corn cheese flavor
Ultra-thin banana chips with a new texture that is crispy with rice bran oil. It is an addictive taste that matches the mellowness and the mellow sweetness of bananas. The price is 324 yen. * Only available at stores

HOM Banana Chips Sour Cream & Onion Flavor / Corn Cheese Flavor

・ Tetra-shaped pack Twisted Wonderland
A product filled with apple candy in a tetra-shaped package of the character "Twisted Wonderland" inspired by the charm of Disney Villains. The price is 432 yen.

Tetra type pack twisted wonderland

Cooking goods

・ Ami-yaki Admiral Wide
A home-use grilling machine where you can enjoy not only yakitori but also seafood. The price is 7,700 yen.

Ami-yaki General Wide

・ Multipurpose Oden Pot Hometown Goodwill
A versatile oden pot that makes you feel like you're at a home party. Both heat retention and heating are possible with the controller. The yakisugi on the outer frame creates the atmosphere of an izakaya. The price is 9,350 yen.

Versatile Oden Pot Furusato Goodwill

Sweets catalog gift

・ Sui Tomogu Mogu Mocha / Espresso
A catalog gift only for sweets. The sweet story-style catalog presented by the pastry chef apprentice witch and her partner cat contains four categories: baked goods, cold sweets, Japanese sweets, and party sweets. The price is 3,300 yen for mocha and 4,400 yen for espresso.

Sui Tomogu Mogu Mocha / Espresso