Suntory "Boss Cafe Base"

"Boss Cafe Base", a concentrated type beverage of "BOSS", has been renewed on October 20th with "sugar-free" and "moderate sweetness". Also, from the same day, "Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte" will be on sale for a limited time as a new lineup.

"Boss Cafe Base" is a concentrated beverage that you can easily enjoy latte black with a luxurious taste like a shop just by breaking it with milk or water. This time, for the cold autumn and winter, the standard "sugar-free" and "moderate sweetness" will be renewed into a content and package that you can enjoy deliciously even when hot.

Suntory "Boss Cafe Base"

While maintaining the commitment to the contents of "Cafe Base", we introduced our own ultra-deep roasted espresso. This makes the roasted coffee aroma stand out even when you drink it hot.

In addition, "Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte", which will be released at the same time, is a beverage that has a savory aroma and a strong body feeling. The package has a maple pattern to create a sense of the season, creating a warmth that makes you want to drink in the fall and winter.

Suntory "Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte"

All products come in 340ml (11.5us fl oz) PET bottles and are estimated at 278 yen (excluding tax).