Yayoiken "Set meal of Toriten and dango-jiru"

From October, "Toriten and Dango-jiru set meal" has appeared at the restaurant "Yayoiken" where you can enjoy various set meals. This is a menu where you can enjoy two of Oita's local dishes, "Toriten" and "Dango-jiru".

"Toriten" is a dish that you can easily enjoy with mustard and ponzu while keeping the juiciness of chicken. We have also reviewed Toriten's actual food before, so please refer to it.

"Dango-jiru" is a warm soup made from flat noodles kneaded with wheat flour and ingredients such as pork and vegetables made with flavorful miso.

White rice is usually included, but you can change it to "mochi barley rice" for an additional fee, and you can choose "normal serving" or "large serving". White rice is free to refill at Yayoiken, but mochi wheat rice cannot be refilled. However, even those who ordered mochi wheat rice can replace the white rice.

The selling price and calories of the set meal are as follows.

・ Toriten and dango-jiru set meal (white rice) 882kcal / 890 yen ・ Toriten and dango-jiru set meal (mochi wheat rice normal serving) 894kcal / 920 yen ・ Toriten and dango-jiru set meal (mochi wheat rice large serving) 1,047kcal / 970 Circle