For a limited time, there are 3 types of chocolate, roasted green tea, and matcha in the "QQ series" of CoCo Tokyo.

From the global bubble tea brand "CoCo Toka", "QQ Chocolate", "QQ Hojicha Milk Tea", "QQ Matcha Milk Tea", "3Q Chocolate", "3Q Hojicha Milk Tea" and "3Q Matcha Milk Tea" are available for a limited time. Will be sold.

・ Popular drinks from CoCo Tokyo join the "QQ series"
Released in September, a new flavor has appeared in the popular "QQ series"! QQ is a word that means a chewy and elastic texture, and is especially popular in Taiwan. In CoCo Toka, the taro and sweet potato dumpling "Yuyun" is called QQ. I'm out. The feature is that you can enjoy the soft texture like rice cake and the texture of grainy potatoes in double, and the scent of taro and the sweetness of sweet potato spread softly.

・ QQ chocolate
With the chewy QQ, you can enjoy the sweetness of eating chocolate and mochi together. It is a dish that becomes more delicious as you continue to drink it.

・ QQ Hojicha Milk Tea
The strongest combination of Hojicha Milk Tea and QQ, which are very popular in this season. With the addition of taro and sweet potato flavors, this is a recommended drink that is perfect for autumn!

・ QQ Matcha Milk Tea
The slightly sweet matcha milk tea goes great with QQ! It is a drink that makes you feel like autumn.

In addition to this, the "3Q (Thank You)" series of the above three flavors has also appeared. 3Q is a dumpling "QQ" made by rolling taro and sweet potatoes with the addition of popular tapioca.

The product outline is as follows (all tax excluded).

QQ chocolate M size: 520 yen, L size: 620 yen
QQ Hojicha milk tea M size: 550 yen, L size: 650 yen
QQ Matcha milk tea M size: 550 yen, L size: 650 yen
3Q chocolate M size: 540 yen, L size: 640 yen
3Q Hojicha milk tea M size: 570 yen, L size: 670 yen
3Q Matcha milk tea M size: 570 yen, L size: 670 yen