Beard Papa's October Cream Puff

Limited-time products were released on October 1st at each of the cream puff shop "Beard Papa". There are two lineups, "Mont Blanc shoe of astringent chestnut" and "Twig shoe".

Astringent chestnut Mont Blanc shoe

Sale period: October 1st-October 31st Price: 230 yen (tax included)

Cream puff with plenty of flavorful astringent chestnut paste. You can enjoy a rich taste like Mont Blanc cake.

Twig shoe

Beard Papa's October Cream Puff

Sale period: October 1st-November 30th Price: 260 yen (tax included)

A cream puff that reproduces the crispness of twigs and the exquisite taste of chocolate, almonds, and puffs. The crispy feeling is behind and the deliciousness that does not stop.


Beard Papa's October Cream Puff

"Nuts", which has been on sale since September, are still on sale. A stick-type cream puff with custard stuffed in a fragrantly baked crunchy dough. This is available until November 30th.

* Sales period and items may not be changed or handled depending on the store. * If you use eat-in at some stores, the tax rate will be 10% and the selling price will be different. * Products may be sold out. * Black grains in the cream are vanilla beans.